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Same warranty

New price

So, what’s the deal ?

We are constantly pushing for innovative ways to make our product accessible to Noodstas of all budgets.Β As Nood rapidly grows into its super contemporary, colour-even aesthetic, the concept of basins with character has been left behind a little. Until now.

We present to you Nood Access.

All of the basins below have been manufactured, sealed and finished in our same methodical process as our existing basin range. The only difference being is that some of these basins have minor variation, surface pattern, pinholes and patina. You know, concrete kinda vibes.

These stunning handmade basins are 100% warranted and perform the exact same way, but are being made available at incredible, accessible prices. So everyone can have the perfect bathroom.

Pick your one-of-a-kind basin today. Basins are one-offs.
New pieces added weekly. Happy shopping.

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