This is Nood.

Welcome to Nood Co.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.

We are an award-winning, acclaimed design and manufacture firm. Our aim is to present you with ethical and enticing products that inspire a new freedom when designing.  So you can quite simply do what you do best…design.

we are solution driven

Delve into the design and manufacture process of our award-winning concrete range.

Italian designed. Australian made.

The Nood Co range was proudly designed by Matt Di Costa, co-owner of the Nood Co brand. Matt’s Italian heritage infiltrates each piece with its careful, contemporary consideration.

Matt says: “Each Nood piece is an exploration of duality. We took a masculine building material and presented it in its most feminine state, adding curve, form, colour and proportion. We gave our pieces a voice and sense of fun, exercising restraint with the design to allow the material to speak. We have made concrete more approachable, we made it lighter, stronger and sealed for real world function. We made it transportable, suitable for commercial and contemporary spaces. Concrete is a stunning material with so much story to tell. Good design should be simple to view, complex in concept, Nood of complication”. 

Handcrafted concrete. A designer purchase.

Nood Co spent 4 years developing a unique, high-strength GFRC concrete composition, colouring and sealing system.

Each piece within our collection of 90 or so is carefully handcrafted by our highly trained artisan team with only the finest materials and custom molds. When you purchase a Nood piece, you are buying something thoroughly unique, with ethical material sourcing and workspaces in Australia. 

All Nood Co designs are made in-house and a reflection of the team who make. Every step in the process is taken with pride and precision.

A new consciousness in concrete is here.

Show me the manufacture process.

Take a look into our design process with this behind-the-scenes video taken at Nood Co headquarters in Perth, Australia.

Our Showroom

We are located in the heart of Osborne Park, WA.

Unit 7, 7 O’Malley St, Osborne Park WA 6017

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

our sustainability

Nood Co’s manufacture process focuses on reducing environmental impact.



Sustainable practices are paramount at Nood Co. From prototyping through to delivery, each step in the manufacture process has been modified with a sustainable view. From water and raw material reuse, naturally lit workspaces, to recycled packaging materials we lead the way in the sustainable manufacture. 

Zero VOC
All Nood Co products are manufactured with a zero voc concrete compostition and sealed in a food safe, low voc sealer. 

Embodied Energy
Nood Co has created a unique blend of ultra high performance concrete that uses around 96% less energy than that to create its ceramic equal. A ground breaking statistic. 

For more info please contact us at

Nood Co products are manufactured and assembled in Australia and hence affect much lower rates of transport emission.

Combustion Data

Nood Co Silica Sand
Flammability: None
Hazards from combustion products: Not flammable or combustible
Suitable extinguishing media
Special protective precautions and equipment for firefighters: None
Hazchem code: None allocated

Nood Co Cement
Non combustible

Nood Co Sealer
Heat resistant up to 500F (260C)
Food safe and non-toxic: complies with FDA guidelines
Non combustible

Nood Co Tint
Non combustible / zero VOC. 

our Noodstas

Meet the team.

Product Designer

Matt is Nood’s lead product designer. He determines the mood, colour and general vibration for the Nood aesthetic. His design/moral compass is aimed toward originality and genuine connection.

Product Development

Chris is head of product manufacture. His understanding of chemical composition and material usage in mechanical education, wet or dry concrete application, welding and assembly is unrivalled.


Matt co-runs the manufacture floor for Nood Co. In charge of the finesse of each product, Matt drives our team of makers to ensure each piece of concrete is made with precise love.


Connor co-runs the manufacture floor at Nood Co. Connor ensures staff training is under constant monitor. With a trained eye for detail, you can thank Connor for Nood’s exponential growth and consistent quality.

Front End Manager

Joelle is Nood Co’s front end manager. Her extensive skill set includes product, graphic and web design, coding, copywriting…the list goes on. Joelle’s knowledge of high-end furniture is unrivalled, and she leads a team readied to assist with your order.

Brand Development

Claire is an award-winning graphic artist with a monster catalogue of original art, brand development and insane logo treatments. Her brand development is slick, on-trend and always completely original.


Meghan is a highly regarded product stylist and photographer, responsible for Nood Co styling and shoots. Her storytelling within each shot is breathtaking, so if you like what you see, you can thank Meghan.


Marc is a seasoned portrait and product  photographer. An important part of our brand is aptly presenting the ideals and culture that our products suggest. Nood doesn’t get any more Marc, and Marc doesn’t get any more Nood.

3D Modelling/CAD

With a Masters qualification in Architecture, Cory aids the Nood Co design team in shaping their vision into workable 3D models. Cory has a strong gauge for proportion, aesthetic and structural engineering.


Renoy is the financial and strategic backbone of Nood Co. He directs the Nood management team with a sound understanding of cashflow and company scaling.