Nood Co. Concrete Basins & Furniture.


2020/21 Concrete Basin Range



Introducing our powder room basin range.

✔ four compact sizes

✔ wall hung

✔ surface mount

 optional overflow

 optional tap hole

Australian Made

Sustainable Manufacture

Recyclable Packaging

Ethically Sourced

Green on the inside.
Chemical free concrete.

Welcome to Nood Zero.

🌱 100% free from chemicals

🌱 97% less embodied energy

🌱 natural and locally sourced

🌱 low carbon footprint

🌱 handmade in Australia


Find out how Nood are working towards a healthier future for the bathroom industry. 

Winner of ‘The Most Innovative Product’

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Paris 2020

New York 2019

Melbourne + Sydney 2017, 2018, 2019

Melbourne 2018

A world of colours for a more colourful world.

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